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Our Core Values


We appreciate and value every person of every age because we know that without each other we are incomplete.

Big Faith

Faith filled, big thinking risk takers.

Never insult God with small thinking and safe living.


We will do anything except sin to strengthen our church through unity by the pursuit of integrity, truth, peace, honour and love.

God’s presence

So grateful to God that we relentlessly pursue with all our heart His word, worship and tangible presence.


We will make it as difficult as possible for people in our communities to go to Hell.


Creating strong leaders, not just volunteers, so that not only the church but also the world is influenced to radical transformation.


A people who are passionate, and extreme givers because we believe it’s more blessed to give than receive.


When God made the earth he did it with excellence.

We therefore choose to glorify God by doing the best we can in all we can.